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I really was horny so when he explained he would fuck me and also have anal sex with me at night I was ecstatic but anxious as well when I had felt what size he was. And I had fashioned have anal intercourse with a lot of men with big dicks, however, not as large as he was. And I usually have lube in my own place if I want it and usually, I won’t need to put it to use but had a sense I’d do now. I went down on him to determine the size of his dick and I battled to fit him in my mouth. And I put to make use of my palm and my mouth.

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He turned around me and began to touch my bum, he comes to around and felt how much wet my pussy and used this to make my bum damp and tight now felt so horny. I told him to utilise the lube to make sure and he rubbed this on his dick and my ass, pressing his hands into my ass. I needed more and was ready, he began to thrust his dick inside my ass, it was sore to commence with and couldn’t easily fit into but eventually, it slid in, I possibly could barely move it was agonising.

He waited some time reaching circular and massaging my clit making certain I was calm before he continued. When he began to fuck me though it hurt to get started on with it wasn’t a long time before I wanted increasingly more, it felt so excellent because I’d never been this chock-full before and it sensed amazing. He was fucking me very difficult and explained to touch my clit at the same time. If I quit he come to around and would touch me. It sensed so excellent I didn’t want him to avoid, he began to call me labels. I love a bit of role play and was enjoying myself so when he began calling me a whore and a slut it certainly flipped me on. It felt like he had an in complete control on me and I liked it.

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I’m usually the main one in control, that I enjoy but this is different. Because he was so big I felt really naughty that I possibly could easily fit into all inside my ass. Before he cum he began to pull my mane back and held fucking me shouting titles at me the complete time, I had been screaming because the intimacy felt so excellent and I possibly could feel myself cumming when I was massaging my clit and coming in contact with myself. I’ve since still acquired well anal intercourse but this reservation was one of the better times and I’d love a do it again booking!’

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